Case Study

Restructuring and improvement of green energy sales

Restructure and institutionalised sales of long-term green corporate power purchase agreements (CPPA), resulting in the de-risking of offshore wind assets for a global leader in renewable energy

Problem Statement

Successfully sell and deliver long-term green CPPA deals to large power purchasers. (Cooperates, Wholesalers, Utilities).


A global leader in offshore wind renewables was facing a significant risk due to the phasing out of subsidy schemes. They had begun their business development activities 2.5 years earlier and employees from various departments in different divisions have been involved in this. Unfortunately, this approach had not led into any 10-15 years CPPA deals with large purchasers while competitors had been successful. The CEO and CFO requested a short-term improvement plan and strategic recommendations for a sustainable solution for the future.


The short-term action resulted in the establishment of a CPPA taskforce with employees from various functions (e.g. Sales, Origination, Product Management and Marketing). The taskforce was mandated to focus full time on the development of the CPPA business. By targeting selected potential purchasers and presenting a tailored value proposition, the taskforce signed 22TWh in year 1 and built up a large pipeline of qualified leads for the future.


The taskforce was merged into a permanent CPPA organisation under one leadership to build on the success of year one. In addition, product management was strengthened to continue the “merchant risk” product development in line with market expectations.

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