Case Study

New market penetration

Built and developed a new market (offshore) for one of the leaders in process instrumentation and automation, adding 18% to profits in year 2

Problem Statement

Enter and develop a new market


The north European offshore market has changed significantly in recent years. The oil majors have sold their assets to new entrants and field life cycles have been extended significantly due to innovative oil and gas production technology. As a result, customer expectations have shifted to lifetime expansion, service and digitalisation. A new market has developed rapidly, with healthy profit margins for those OEMs who were able to act quickly and offer the right product and solutions. Three countries (UK, Netherlands, Norway) have individually launched business development actions without success.


The solutions implemented added 18% to profits and €40M in turnover in the second year. This success was achieved by a dedicated team with sales, delivery, product management and service employees from the UK, Netherlands and Norway. The team was led and evaluated centrally. A 24/7 service management centre provided continuous support for customers. The customer-centric approach delivered new product and solutions which have been also successfully sold in other global markets.

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