Case Study

Maximise profits of service business

Increase service profit by 17% for a smart building service operation in Benelux

Problem Statement

Optimise a field service operation, improve profitability and customer satisfaction and achieve operational excellence.


A field service operation business based in Benelux had seen its gross margins declining (to the low 20s from the high 40s) compared with neighbouring countries. The service operation consisted of 160 people, including service technicians, planning, helpdesk and support staff. A comprehensive review and improvement plan were required, covering all processes, systems, spare-part management, invoicing and pricing.


The improvement plan implemented led to an increase in the gross margin by 17% in year 1, while customer satisfaction improved by 6%. A combination of digitalisation, sophisticated pricing, improved spare-part management and planning significantly improved the field service operation. The small project business also improved (+12%) due to better upfront preparation by the service technicians.

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