Case Study

Establish and build a green hydrogen & ammonia alliance

Building an alliance for importing green hydrogen into Western Europe, covering all aspects of the value chain

Problem Statement

The energy transition in Europe requires large quantities of green hydrogen. Although estimates of the total market remain approximate, it is clear that not enough European renewable sources (e.g., wind, solar) are available to produce sufficient green hydrogen to meet Europe’s needs. The challenge is how to utilise cost-effective renewable sources around the world to produce competitively priced hydrogen & ammonia and import this into Western Europe (ambition: over 5 million tons).


The value chain for the import of green hydrogen & ammonia consists of many stages, including the production of renewable energy, the production of hydrogen & ammonia and its subsequent storage, offloading, transportation, importation and storage. Building a competitive value chain requires control over all these phases. An additional consideration is that cost-effective renewable sources are located in regions with a surplus of sun and wind resources (e.g., the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Australia, Portugal, Spain).


An alliance was created involving four leading companies to cover the entire value chain (production of NH3, storage and transport) for green hydrogen & ammonia. The basic principle is that the profit from the entire value chain will be shared between the partners in the alliance in order to maintain a profitable and competitive business model. 25 locations have been screened by conducting a thorough feasibility study and business analysis. Detailed plans for 4 5 locations have been made. Each location will require a capex investment of €250-1,500 million in order to produce and export 1 million tons of green hydrogen & ammonia.


Various MoUs have been signed with local partners and financing options are currently being explored with the objective of building, owning and operating the first production units in 2024-2025.

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