Case Study

Divisional Merger

Merger of two Benelux divisions (turnover €140M) for a global leader in smart buildings, refrigeration and energy solutions

Problem Statement

Merge two divisions into one entity, improving balance sheet, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


One of the global leaders in smart buildings and refrigeration intended to merge two divisions in each European region. Each division had its own location, P&L, commercial, service and project teams as well as support functions (HR, Finance, Legal). The European president requested a confidential two-step approach: first, deliver a ‘merger’ plan including the consequences for finances, location and employees; second, implementation following board approval.


The ‘merger solutions’ that were approved and implemented delivered better business performance, resulting in 10% EBIT growth, improved cost-efficiency and 18% top-line growth. These improvement were achieved by leveraging synergies, improving sales efficiency and optimising field service operations.

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