Case Study

Building and Developing Technology Contracting

Build and Develop a new Technology Contracting business (€250M+) division in Europe & Africa for a global leader in smart buildings and energy services

Problem Statement

Build a new business division in an existing successful Europe & Africa region (€1.5B+).


A global leader in smart building products needed to develop an energy services and major project division in order to deliver on market and customer requests, maintain its market share and deliver on its overall growth plan. The technology contracting business had gained significant traction in the USA market, but the Europe & Africa region had not got off the ground. The global President for TC and European president asked for a full focus on Europe & Africa.


The new-build team delivered 23% revenue growth and an ROS of 11% within two years. The new market vertical approach not only engaged the company in early stages of major renovation or new-build projects but also delivered pull-through business (+15%) for the service and product business units. The solutions catalogue was enhanced with six new digital solutions and services.

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